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Dr Henry Legere

Dr Danica Schulte
Southern California Allergy
(818) 990-9155
Encino, California

After some hesitation by my partner's primary care trust, they have agreed to refer her to a Mastocytosis specialist. Since we live in Warwickshire (UK), our choices are Dr. Elisabeth Drewe at the Nottingham University Hospital, or Dr. Sophie Farooque/Dr. Clive Grattan at the Guy's and St Thomas' Trust in London.

evidence indicates that bone marrow does not contain
mature mast cells
do you no How thay get in to the bone marrow

Part of what makes any call mature(red blood cell, white blood cell, Mast cell) is the communication it gets from the surrounding environment. When mast cells are developing, they mature in tissues at sites that they are programed to go to, sites of wound healing, and sites of allergic inflammation. When Mast cells mature in the bone marrow, it is because the cell thinks it is getting a signal telling it to become a mast cell. Many people with Mastocytosis have a mutation in KIT, which causes this errant signal. So finding mast cells in the bone marrow is abnormal, and is criteria for mastocytosis.

IgE(Immediate reaction)

Her name is Dr. Anne Maitland

Augusta, GA.
His name is Dr. Farrukh T. Awan,Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of GA. He is located in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Division of Hematology/Oncology. Phone#706-721-1751,Fax 706-721-9352

Dr. Harry Iland is a hematologist in Sydney, Australia, who treats one of the SM members on this forum, and is recommended by him. Dr. Iland says he's not a mastocytosis expert and has no easy fixes for SM patients. Still, he does see them and may be helpful for people in that part of the world. He agreed to let us post his name and contact information, through his appointment phone only: 02-95158031

So, the doctors at UC Davis who know enough about masto to be involved in research are M. Eric Gershwin, Rosemary Hallet, Suzanne Teuber (, and the internist I saw, Fatima Ali (Allergy and Immunology).

Dr Mark Stein In NPB Florida

Luis Escribano

Dr William Baird – Springfield, MO