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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in The Diagnosis |

Mastocytosis Vs. MCAS

Mastocytosis Vs. MCAS


Puzzled about the difference between Mastocytosis and MCAS? You're not the only one! Please head for the forum to find the answers.

Simplicity At It’s Best

You know, I officially launched this site without having any content in this post. It's just that I had difficulty clearly formulating in my mind the difference between mastocytosis and MCAS. And in particular, since the symptoms of both diseases are so similar, why it mattered that MCAS was diagnosed. Would it not suffice to treat an MCAS patient as is he/she had mastocytosis?

The more I read about the topic, the more I stumbled against “Yes, buts”‘ and “What Ifs”. So the site went live without any detail here.

And then something made me think about Nancy Gould, when I read an article about her life (she died in 2012). And then it occurred to me to check YouTube to see if she'd left a video about the topic.

And sure enough, there it was …

The most cogent, simple and brilliantly explained difference between mastocytosis and MCAS.

I love the way she presented it.

Nancy, you are sorely missed …

Does It Matter Whether You Know Your Correct Diagnosis?

According to Nancy Gould, of course it does !

Watch and enjoy the simplicity of her explanation.